What is a hallmark?

A Hallmark shows that silver has been independently tested by an Assay Office and guarantees that it conforms to a legal standard of purity. Our silver is tested at the Sheffield Assay Office.

The Hallmarking of silver and gold items dates back to the 1300s. It made it a punishable offence to sell any article as precious metal unless it bore the stamp (Hallmark) of one of the Assay Offices. According to one source on hallmarking the penalty for counterfeiting the Hallmark until 1773 was death, it then changed to 14 years on a penal colony and now holds a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment!

What do the hallmarks on our silver mean?

Hallmarks consist of three compulsory symbols: a sponsor's mark or maker's mark, a fineness number and the Assay Office mark. Every silver spoon that we make is marked with the following symbols and Isle of Wight handmade silver spoons mark is unique to us so that you can always tell our silver apart from other makers.